Aqua is a niche international commodities and antique/vintage furnishings supplier based in New York. We source our commodities globally from environmentally friendly farmers, mills, and manufacturers.

Our goal is to surpass your expectations.

We believe that our targeted focus ensures that our clients needs are attended to in a highly efficient and seasonable fashion.

Our central client base consists of buyers/partners located throughout the Caribbean. We also serve clients in the United States, Europe, Africa and the global community at large.

At Aqua Industries, we focus on providing 4 core commodities and antique furnishings:

1. Sugar

2. Rice

3. Cement

4. Fertilizers

5. Antique Furnishings

Aqua’s specialized scope along with our global partnerships facilitates the timely provision of products that meet all international standards and specifications, at highly competitive price points.

Our antique/vintage furnishings division deals exclusively with the online auction sales market.

Aqua Industries auctions are held bi-weekly on

We welcome you.